Advanced Espresso Module

Advanced Espresso Module

After having learned, in the basic course, the techniques for setting the grinder-doser and empirically extracting the best possible espresso, the advanced course aims to provide the tools for a more scientific control of the extraction, tasting and serving phase.

Mainly we will focus on specialty coffee, increasing the student's skills in balancing taste and proposing the product.

Subjects :
- What is a Specialty Coffee;
- The main characteristics of areas of origin and manufacturing processes;
- Tasting of a specialty coffee;
- The extraction of a Specialty espresso; the search for balance;
- L’Espresso Brew Formula TDS ed Extraction Yield;
- Espresso Control Chart;
- Water purification systems;
- The service of milk beverages with latte art

Duration: 8 hours

The cost of the course includes course materials and lunch break. 

At the end of the course, a Participation Diploma is issued, recognized by various leading companies in the sector. 

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