250 GR

17,00 TAX inc. USD 19,92


  • Cup profile: orange, honey, black tea
  • Process: honey
  • Region: Sidamo
  • Variety: Heirloom
  • Altitude: 2100 mt


The Sidamo region is located in southern Ethiopia, 6 hours from the Kenyan border. Its name comes from an ethnic group from the southeast of the country. These coffees grow under the shade of the forest trees and are handpicked. Heleanna Georgalis has been in charge of the company since 2008, she is immersed in the third wave of coffee, caring in the first person about the quality of the coffee that she exports. She continues with the legacy of her father, and claims to feel passion for this world where she herself can experiment in processes and have fun being able to see the results. It is important to highlight that the uniqueness of Ethiopian coffees lies in the “no genetic modification” of the coffee plants. In Ethiopia there are thousands of unexplored varieties and those that are known remain intact, and this Heleanna emphasizes every time she talks about the subject. Ethiopia is the cradle of coffee, the varieties are specific to each area, scientists have recognized 37 varieties of which 34 are natural.

Many times we find that Ethiopian coffee is of the Heirloom variety and what it means is that it is  “ancient root”, it does not define the variety itself, but rather it is generic. The variety is named after the area in which it grows and where it has been growing for several years, it must have the characteristic flavor of the area.