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  • Cup profile: orange, blueberry, honey
  • Process: washed
  • Region: Machakos
  • Variety: SL28
  • Altitude: 1800 mt


Located in Machakos, south-east of Nairobi. Sits at 1720 MASL. Established in 1979. Has 1020
members who have an average of 1/2 a hectare each. Besides coffee, the farmers also grow beans
and maize and keep dairy cattle, goats and sheep. The average farmer is 50, with their
membership having 330 women and 690 men. The predominant variety in the area is SL28 and
the average age of the tree is 10 years. Muthuuzuni have a 7+ year relationship with
Kofinaf/Dormans. Kofinaf provides technical advice and assistance and training to Muthuuzuni
FCS and its members. 
Their coffee is typically processed using a McKinnon disc pulper, fermented for 24 hrs, before
being washed, floated to separate density, skin dried for a few hours, then placed on final drying
tables to dry for approximately 14 days.