Blend 500GR

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  • Cup profile: chocolate, dried fruit, spicy
  • Perù/ Catuai/ washed
  • Costa Rica/ F1/ anaerobic
  • Ethiopia/ Heirloom/ natural
  • Honduras/ Catuai/ washed


Full-bodied, low acidity, intense aftertaste with notes of dark chocolate, dark fruits and black cherries
MammaMia Espresso Blend, created for customers who do not like acidity and particularly fruity scents.
My goal was to achieve balance in the cup, where all the main characteristics (acidity, sweetness and bitterness)
worked together in full harmony. I hope I succeeded! I want to clarify that MammaMia espresso blend is not a dark roasted coffee,
it has no robusta inside and it does not contain coffee of Brazilian origin. Achieving balance passes through research and
the study of new botanical varieties and new fermentation processes, which, together,
they give in the cup a medium-low acidity, with intense notes of chocolate, ripe cherry, caramel and almond.
Mamma Mia is a blend dedicated to my mom: she was born after discovering that she could not drink my coffee!
You represent many people who do not like a drink that is too acidic or fruity, and with this new creation of mine I hope to give them the opportunity
to find the taste they desire, while safeguarding the highest quality of the raw material.
Mamma mia is also a coffee that praises the great figure of women in the world: in fact all the coffees present in the blend are produced by exceptional women,
that I personally met during my travels to the origin, having the good fortune to appreciate its value and dedication to work.