Colombia Mikava Geisha set


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  • Cup profile: jasmine, mango, honey
  • Process: natural - carbonic maceration
  • Region: Santuario - Risaralda
  • Variety: Geisha
  • Altitude: 1850mt


Mikava is honored to receive the 2019 Colombia North Cup of Excellence First Place in this prestigious competition. Our Gesha/Geisha natural, carbonic maceration processed broke two records. One receiving the highest score in the 16 year history of the Colombian Cup of Excellence and the other, the first time a natural processed coffee won the event

The producer:
Paul Kevin Doyle - Paul is originally from Portland, US. He has been involved in the coffee industry since the late 80’s. Paul sold
his business after visiting Colombia with a huge desire to come back and become a coffee grower. "I decided to come full circle
from barista to coffee producer by growing exotic coffees in Colombia" he explains. Paul and his son Kevin sold two cars in the
US to buy the two farms. This has been so far a 7 years journey together with his son in the coffee production, it has required him a
lot of research, trials and errors to find the best cup. This year he won the 1st presidential award with one of his Gesha
lots in Cup of Excellence a clear example of the great work and persistence during his journey. Ethiopian Heirloom variety grown in Colombia Mikava State: while looking for exotic varieties to grow, Paul found this beautiful variety through CENICAFE, the coffee research center in Colombia, and decided to grow 4 different Ethiopian varieties. Today he has 400 trees of each and they all provide unique profiles bringing a whole experience to your palate. Natural Carbonic Maceration: Paul has been following Flavio’s Borem study through which he found that if you halt the drying process when it is 14% humidity and store in GrainPro bags for a month and then ferment it for about 39- 43 hours in sealed tanks with CO2 and finally return the coffee to finish drying, the fruity and clean flavours will improve dramatically.


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