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Finca Chocora
Origin: Ecuador
Region: Loja
Variety: Sidra
Altitude: 1500 m
Process: Natural

Olinka Vélez’s coffee was born in 2010 in the Chorora Finca, situated in the province of Loja, more precisely near the town of Sozonga, Ecuador. It was in 2012 that Olinka decided to plant 10 different varieties of coffee in order to understand how they behaved in different types of soil and against different diseases. Olinka then shared the knowledge and experience gained from this project amongst the various coffee producers present in the same region of Loja.
Ms. Vélez had a clear vision from the start: she wanted to grow and produce an exclusive coffee to promote Ecuadorian coffee worldwide. She built a model farm and coffee finca focused exclusively towards the Specialty Coffee market, building strong long-term ties with the best coffee roasters in the world, including us at Ditta Artigianale. Olinka’s aim is to grow and produce the best coffee in the world: together with her staff, they constantly explore new agricultural and processing technologies, investing in research and development in order to fulfill her dream. It is exactly this attitude that first attracted us to her and the reason we are sure this is just the first batch of many.
The Chorora Finca is situated in a good geographical position at an altitude between 1300 – 1500 m, with a temperature oscillating between 64F – 74F, and a climate that alternates between humid and dry. The soil is clayey and nearly exclusively farmed organically. We were pleasantly surprised by the huge variety of produce cultivated in the Finca.

The Ecuadorean national association of coffee exporters “ANECAFE” annually organises a special competition awarding a prize to the best coffee in the country. In 2017, Finca Chocora won.
Francesco Sanapo strongly supported the introduction of this exclusive coffee to Ditta Artigianale, having discovered it during one of his latest trips to Ecuador.
“To this day – Sanapo muses – I still remember the different emotions I felt the first time I drank Olinka’s coffee: it was during a tasting session, and I remember being pleasantly surprised by the complexity and harmony of this coffee, awarding it 90,75 points. After the cupping, I asked the other people present whether it was possible to meet the producer, and this is how I met Olinka Vélez, an extraordinary woman full of enthusiasm and perseverance. I feel honored to be working with her and to be contributing to the distribution of Ecuadorian coffee worldwide.”
The botanical variety we chose is called Sidra, a variety born inside the Nestle labs, a hybrid between a typica and a bourbon originally created to be a very productive and resilient plant. In truth, this plant is becoming well known due to its complexity and its particular sweetness.

In order to enhance this variety’s special properties, Olinka decided to process this coffee using the natural method: immediately after the harvest, the coffee beans are placed in special sealed alimentary containers in a total absence of oxygen for 8 hours. They are then exposed to direct sunlight on special super elevated beds, where they remain every day for a week from 10.00am to 4.00pm; after being exposed to direct sunlight daily, coffee beans are stored nightly in a humidity controlled atmosphere, in order to still exploit the warmth acquired during the day. After this week, coffee is left to dry in the shade for two whole weeks, until it reaches optimum humidity of 11%. This whole process is also known as Anaerobic-natural with controlled drying process.

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