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Finca La Colombia
Region Antioquia – El Manzanillo Colombia

Producer Catalina Vasquez
Altitude 1700 - 1950 m
Position Mountainous
Species arabica
Variety Red caturra
Harvest period from October to March
Harvest type handpicked
Process Unwashed
Desiccation method: On patios then dryer

Sensory profile
« This particular caturra micro lot, in cup, offers beautiful notes of milk chocolate, cocoa, red fruits, strawberry, a nice malic acidity and a caramel finish. »

Committed Farm | Young Producer | Quality Improvement | Natural Caturra

This farm is where the magic happens. Located between 1600 and 1900 masl, with a natural reserve of 20plus hectares, this place will take your breath away, literally! Hiking up those mountains, immersed in a still uncontaminated nature, lost between its magnificent beauty interspersed with coffee plantations, is no joke!
Finca La Colombia, with its 52 hectares of coffee, has a special place in our portfolio, as it allows us to produce outstanding estate single variety caturra as well as various microlots, including: natural caturra, maragogipe, maragogipe natural and soon, our 8000 trees of geisha will begin production.
Gonzalo, an expert manager in coffee production, is the farm supervisor whom, together with his experienced team, oversees more than 80 coffee pickers during harvesting season. Important note: all coffee at Finca La Colombia is handpicked, bean by bean.

Gonzalo, the farm manager at this place, has been part of the team for the past 8 years. We are grateful for his commitment and his open attitude to learning about the importance of producing high-quality coffee. And for successfully managing a team of 80+ pickers every season. All the coffee is 100% hand-picked.

Catalina represents the 4th generation of the Vasquez coffee producing family. She was the first to adopt a new approach to coffee farming and selling, looking for international buyers instead of selling all of her farm’s crops to the neighboring regional cooperatives.
We first met Catalina Vasquez at our coffee shop in Florence, enjoying her wonderful coffee in the relaxed atmosphere of our bar, sitting on a sofa listening to her tales regarding her daily work, describing her farm to us. Her words and the twinkle in her eyes when talking about all this catapulted us to her marvelous land.
Sipping a coffee with her in Florence not only took us on this amazing trip to its origins, but also convinced us to buy her coffee, for both the qualities shown in cup and Catalina’s enthusiasm and beauty. We are always on the lookout for people like her, passionate as much as we, and who love just as deeply this magical produce. Together we will strive to build a solid relationship, with the intention of making this coffee even tastier and sweeter.
Catalina represents the future and the present generation of coffee growers, her spirit and her way of thinking marrying perfectly with our philosophy and mission; she is constantly striving to better the quality of her coffee and her life, through specific research and studies.
We are more than happy to consider her as one of our producing partners and we give her the warmest of welcomes in our ever-growing family.

Catalina belongs to the family's 4th generation of producers. Yet she was the first to want to take a different approach to selling her farm's coffees by seeking to work directly with an international buyer rather than selling all her production to the surrounding cooperatives in her region.
We met catalina a tour coffee shop in florence and we drunk her coffee in a total relax , seatting in the sofa and talking about his ordinary work and his own farm, we were totaly involved and trought her eyes we were catapuldted in her beautiful land. Drinking a coffee with her in Florence brought us in a beatiful origin trip, and we decide to buy her coffee because we want work with passionate people like Catalina and build together a strong relationship to make the coffee taste better and sweeter.
Catalina is the next generation of coffee producers and she perfectly match with our philosophy and our mission, she is doing a lot opf reserch, studies to improve the quality of coffee and life.
We are very happy to now count her among our partner producers and to give her our welcome in our family.

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