Ditta Artigianale offers a program of vocational courses aimed at professionals in the field and coffee enthusiasts, to study and learn the fascinating world of coffee, from the basis to the different preparation methods.


The cafeteria course is perfect for those who wish to learn everything about the cafeteria world and how to work behind the counter.From the ergonomic organization of the work space to hygiene and quality of service, preparations of all coffee- and non-coffee-based products, customer service and much more, in order to tackle the job with the correct attitude and know-how.


The ideal course for the barista wishing to widen his/her knowledge in the field, following the standards of the European specialty coffee association, in order to offer the best possible service to the customers.


Do you love coffee and wish to know more about its world? This is the course for you! Specifically designed for the lovers of this amazing black beverage, it will allow you to learn about its secrets and curiosities as well as the whole supply chain, from plant to cup.


Let us guide you through the world of alternative brewing methods in coffee preparation, other than espresso. Filter methods offer a wide variety of products, both intense and innovative, perfect for every type of consumer.