PETER IN FLORENCE is a London Dry gin produced wholly in Tuscany thanks to the first Carterhead alembic present in Italy, reproduced following closely the original design of 1831.

The result is an elegant mix of 14 botanicals, giving particular emphasis to the iris flower, symbol of Florence since the IX century and synonym of elegance and purity, and the juniper berry, a plantpeculiar to the Florentine hills.

Peter in Florence is a gin that follows the London Dry tradition, during both production and tasting phases. To the nose, its inebriating perfume characterised by a strong floral bouquet, heightened by iris petals, rosemary, lavender and cardamom, and revitalised by refreshing coriander, bergamot and lemon notes, accompanied throughout by the characteristic taste of the common juniper berry (Jumiperus communis L…) typical of Tuscany, immediately transports oneself to the Tuscan countryside. Due to its low alcohol impression, to the taste it does not reveal its 43% alcohol volume, making thus possible to distinguish its principal characteristics announced by the rotund juniper berry notes at the beginning, and followed by the floral ones, most prominent being the iris root. Positively heightened by the refreshing lemon and bergamot citrus notes pleasantly interspersed by paradise grains and cassia, its long and inebriating aftertaste culminating in a juniper berry triumph, demands another tasting!