Ditta Artigianale was founded in 2013 by Francesco Sanapo, world-renowned barista and coffee taster champion, and by Patrick Hoffer. Our main aim and mission is to bring to Italy high quality coffees, and to describe them in a brand new way, by focusing on the total transparency and eco-sustainability in, and for, all the different production steps.

Ditta Artigianale is basically a dream come true. For many years both Patrick and Francesco, after long studies and extensive research around the world on the different ways of interpreting coffee, dreamed of bringing the new specialty coffees phenomena to both the Italian and the European markets. Ditta Artigianale is an Italian coffee roaster with an international vision, we love narrating coffee and travelling to faraway places in order to find the most exclusive coffees, which are then carefully roasted to bring out their full aromas.

However, after founding our micro-roastery, we started to feel the need to bring our product to the squares and the streets, to communicate directly with customers our personal coffee experience. This need coincided with the opening of our first cafeteria, Ditta Artigianale Coffee Bar situated in via de’ Neri 32r. It is here that our adventure started which led us in less than a year to inaugurate our second bar in via dello Sprone, Ditta Artigianale Oltrarno, situated on the other bank of the river Arno.

Having opened a coffee bar in the center of Florence, Ditta Artigianale now aims at linking the various aspects of the supply chain and the end consumer. Ditta Artiginale’s philosophy is based on researching the most exclusive micro-lots, establishing direct relationships with the single producers, as well as roasting in such a way as to exalt every single characteristic of a particular coffee, in order to serve to our customers a final product that will give them a unique and quality-oriented experience.