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Everything started in 2013 when Francesco Sanapo took part in his last competition in Melbourne, Australia, ranking in sixth place in the world finals with 60 countries from all over the world. In that moment Francesco, who was representing Italy in the coffee world, felt the need to do something in his home country, giving a new boost to start an innovative path, one that respected our traditions, with an international style and an italian hospitality. The idea behind Ditta Artigianale is to highlight the italian craftmanship and the coffee culture, which means to switch again the focus on the quality and craftmanship in the world of coffee. Therefore, once the world finals were over, the first steps in this direction were made, by opening first a roastery in collaboration with Brambati. Subsequently, and after the launch of the online site, the will to communicate with people grew even more, in order to pass on the passion and the enthusiasm that proper Ditta Artiginale's activities each and every day. This desire was met with the grand opening of the first caffetteria, Ditta Artigianale Coffee Bar, located in via dei Neri 32r where everything begun. A year later, a second bar, Ditta Artiginale Oltrarno, was opened in via dello Sprone, on the other side of the city's river Arno, and then a third one, a new experiment born by a joint collaboration with La Compagnia cinema, where a caffetteria was unveiled inside the historical florentine theatre, the first specialty-only in Italy. Ditta Artigianale is heavily inspired by the numerous travels done by Francesco Sanapo in the plantations in the origin countries to search for the most exclusive and ethic coffees, therefore creating, with every single producer, a direct contact that is based on mutual trust and respect and, on top of that, on the quality of coffee, by checking the prime materials from the start.