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Product Code DBA193
Category Coffee



CUP PROFILE: Sweet taste with smells of chocolate and chestnut. Strong body, intense taste
REGION: Alta Mogiana
PROCESS: Pulped Natural
VARIETY: Icatù, Catuaì, Catucaì

Coming from the Nossa Senhora Aparecida farm, it's a coffee that we discovered during
our last trip to Brazil: to obtain it, we worked in a direct relationship with the producer, OCoffee, with whom we studied the exact ripening of the cherry and therefore the picking process is done in a selective way, only when the cherry has reached a brix grade of 24%. Later, we carefully worked on the drying process of the cherry, going through several steps: in the first one, we worked with higher temperatures to have a faster result, while in the following phases we worked with lower temperatures until the total desiccation which took three weeks. This process allowed us to create a cup with a very sweet gustative profile, with clear smells of chocolate and hazelnut. We recommend this coffee for the espresso method, due to its big body and intense taste.