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Ditta Artigianale offers a program of comprehensive training classes
aimed at professionals and enthusiasts in the industry.
We encourage exploring the world of coffee more closely and teach the basics
to brew methods, customer service, and organization.


The Cafe course is perfect for those who want to know
more about coffee and to better understand workflow
behind the counter, organization of the workplace,
cleaning of devices and work stations, and quality of service.
The course teaches how to properly prepare all coffee-based
beverages as well as others. It also offers insight in how
to have outstanding customer service
by filling the workplace with energy and adequate awareness.


This course is ideal for the barista who wants to expand their
coffee and industry knowledge. We follow the European Association
Standardized Specialty Coffee Guidelines, but also offer a wider
perspective by sharing current knowledge from our company.


Do you love coffee and want to know more about it?
This course is specifically made for those who love to drink coffee,
but want to be more informed about its secrets. We share tips on how
to brew coffee as well as information about the supply chain and
the journey coffee takes from plant to cup.


You might know how to make coffee one way, so let us guide you
into the world of alternative brewing methods. There are a wide
variety of filter methods that are innovative, suitable for every
type of customer, and produce intense, delicious coffee.